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Film and Video Projects

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

This is the Emmy award winning music video for which I designed Costumes, Hair, and Makeup.

Behind the Scenes of Bad Romance

A look at the making of the epic educational music video Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage, I am featured in a brief interview.

Too Late To Apologize: A Declaration

This music video is a perennial favorite amongst teachers of US history and poli-sci. I designed the wigs and makeup and, at the last minute, joined the cast.

An Introduction to the social Sciences

A unique project that presented many challenges to a designer with large hands, this a stop motion claymation video for which I designed the main character's costumes and accessories.


The Videos were a part of a Multi-National Multi-Media collaboration that took place during the height of the pandemic. I designed, shot, and edited these three segments while supervising the students who created these works

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