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Teaching Philosophy

Education has always been a major focus in my professional career. Having taught in both traditional academic settings and through intense professional internship programs, I have developed strategies that inspire creativity and grow a student's professional skills at a rapid pace. Download the pdf to read my full Teaching Philosophy.

Intro to Costume Design

Course Syllabus

This course is designed to introduce the topic of Costume Design to students who show a marked interest in the subject, but do not intend to pursue design as a full course of study. Students are expected to produce high quality work which emphasizes organizational skills, thoughtfulness, and developing communication skills.

Stage Makeup

Course Syllabus

This comprehensive course in stage makeup was designed to challenge and inspire both performance students and those on a design track. With a balance between lecture, demonstration, research, application, and critic, the student's skills develop quickly. This course offered an exciting challenge for me as an educator as I was charged with the task of adapting the coursework to accommodate the limitations of a student who was legally blind

Costumes and LED Lighting

Presentation Documents

This masterclass was presented as a part of the 2016 intensive arts workshop schedule. The presentation, with accompanying live demonstrations, was designed to inspire designers and technicians to explore the developing field of illuminated costumes, while offering practical advice for successful outcomes.

Wig making and styling

Course Syllabus

This course covers the research, design, creation, styling, and application of Wigs, facial hair and other false hair devices Emphasis is placed on the development of techniques, style, and presentation of ideas and designs. Upon completion, students should be able to create and apply wigs for a variety of performance styles and venues.

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